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Summer Time!

It's that time of the year again. All of us are wishing we'd have more time in the sun and a few days off to pick blackberries. Well they're not quite ripe yet but we're watching closely. Blackberry season has always been my favorite time of the year. There's something so old fashioned and lovely about blackberries.

Wait! This little guy found some already after all! Just look at that smug smile!

Blackberry season also means picnics, of course. And picnics mean it's a good time to check back with The Relish Barn. This week we'd like to help you out buy offering our Salsas for 20% off!(use code SALSA20) Add a bag of chips and you have the perfect afternoon snack, or addition to your barbecue. Order one each of seven different kinds. Mild, Medium, Hot, Peach, Mango, Black Bean & Corn, and Pineapple and get free shipping on your order!

This week we'd like to introduce Matt. Matt is the eccentric one of the family in a good kind of way. He just came back from ten days of studying music at Shenandoah Christian Music Camp which I dare say is probably his favorite place to be. When he's not studying music or working at The Relish Barn, you'll probably find him somewhere with a golf club in his hand.

I'm not sure what Matt's job title is (it's a family business!) but he makes sure we make what you ordered and is normally the one to fill each jar by hand, ensuring quality in small, home-cooked batches. He also tests each batch we make to ensure that the PH level is correct so the product will not spoil.

We're wishing you a wonderful summer, don't forget the blackberries and don't forget to order your salsa today to stock your pantry for the summer!

~Anna Graber

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