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Finally! Blackberries!

Before we get all excited about the blackberries finally being ripe, I'm going to let you all in on a little exciting something else. We're working on our first batch production of canned peaches here at The Relish Barn this morning and we can't wait to share them with you! We are offering canned Peach Halves, Peach Slices, Spiced Peaches, Vanilla Peaches, and Pickled Peaches. So stay on the lookout for those coming to our website soon and also for some sales I daresay will be coming your way come peach season! Or- if you would like to try them NOW, (which is a really good idea!) you can call Laban at 276-445-5533 and we'll get some shipped to you ASAP!

We've been all about waiting for the wild blackberries to ripen over here on the blog the last few weeks and it's finally happened! Slowly, gently they start ripening, and quite suddenly they will be over. (Previous experience has taught me well.) So I'm taking advantage of them while they're here, as well as sharing with you a yummy recipe to try this blackberry season. Enjoy!

Order your jar of Blackberry Jam and Pickled Sweet Jalapenos today! As with all our recipes, feel free to make it yours and tweak it to your personal preferences. For those among you who don't like hot stuff you can eliminate the jalapenos, and for those who like extra you can add an extra one. Our pickled sweet jalapenos are not as hot as some and personally I think one makes the perfect combination of heat and sweetness. (But I'm a bit of a heat wimp...)

Today we are introducing you to Sharon, the 6th of the Graber kids, with her husband Daniel. Daniel and Sharon were married in November of last year and stay busy with their business, the local children's ministry, and a host of other things as well as grabbing chances to travel whenever possible! Daniel is the owner of Timberline Barns and is the guy to call if you're in need of a storage shed. Check out their website with the link above. They also keep things running smoothly for Tri-State Treats, a concession trailer business our youth group takes turns volunteering on to support the children's ministry and lately they have become quite involved in the life of a sweet little girl we learned to know through MCM. Pray for them as they speak into her life and reach out to her!

Arie sure is a cute little thing!:)

That's it for today folks! May you enjoy a week filled with God's blessings!

~Mary Graber

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