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Updated: Dec 18, 2019

We'd love to have you over for dinner so we could sit together around our kitchen table, enjoying good food and getting to know you. Unfortunately we may have to settle for second best. Let me introduce you to the family.

Mom and Dad have been married for 30 years. They've been making relishes and pickles for 26 of those years. Dad grew up close to the land, farming and growing crops, never thinking he'd end up with a cannery. However, when a friend of theirs asked them to can some chow-chow, they ended up with a business on their hands. Dad is also a busy pastor of our little church here in the mountains, and loves creating things in his workshop, and mom takes pride in her large and beautiful garden and snatches up every chance she has to spend time with the grandkids. There are nine children in our family and the in-laws and grandkids bring our number to twenty. Over the next few weeks we will introduce you to each one of them, individually as well. We're not all directly involved in making relish but we're still a family and we work together.

This is us!

Today we invite you to join the family. We work for you, our customers, and our goal is to work together with you to bring you the finest possible product of whatever relish or pickle you're looking for.

Maybe you're looking for pickled beets that taste like grandma's. Maybe you need a quick and easy picnic food. Maybe you've been looking for some old fashioned cornbread and beans with homestyle chow-chow.

Cooking together is a family tradition. Not only in The Relish Barn but also in every day life. We invite you to join us for recipes, sales, and tips and tricks as well as family news.

Some day perhaps we can sit at the kitchen table together but for now join us here so we can cook together.


~Anna Graber

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