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The Little Brother

Hola amigos! And hi from a rooftop in the center of Antigua Guatemala. I've spent the last several weeks studying Spanish, enjoying Guatemalan food and culture, and climbing volcanoes. Ok, only one so far but I plan to do another one before I leave. I've certainly enjoyed my several weeks here but I'm ready to see my family again, and I'd really like to get in on at least a couple cookouts this summer. A nice hamburger piled with relishes of all sorts would be really good right now, or maybe a mountain pie with a good layer of nutella and some raspberry jam. Yum! I might even be missing "The Relish Barn" a teeny bit.

This week were introducing the little brother of The Relish Barn, he's not the youngest brother but he is the youngest one with a job here. Paul is several months shy of 18, and he's looking forward to it. He alternates between working here and working on a carpenter crew, which he claims to prefer. We simply cannot understand why. Who would prefer a frigid morning on a roof to working with food? But that's ok, we love our little brother anyhow. Paul is the one who keeps our warehouse in order, and stacks your pallets for you, making sure you always get what you ordered. He also probably put the lid on that jar of Homemade Chow-Chow you have in your fridge. That's no small task, folks! Putting a lid tightly onto 1,500 jars every day is something to be proud of! Paul enjoys farming and hunting and hanging out with his favorite sister (me, of course)

-Anna Joy

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