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Onions and More Onions

It's onion time at The Relish Barn. That means we have several tons of onions to peel and process. Every spring dad takes a trip to Georgia and comes back with about 6,000 pounds of onions coming straight from the farm. I know you're feeling sorry for us right now but we actually have fun during onion week. The whole family pitches in to help and the kids see it as a great opportunity to earn a bit of extra spending money. We turn those tons of onions into pallets of Vidalia Onion Relish that will bring your hot dogs and hamburgers to a whole new level. Get a jar for $1.99 off here for a limited time, and try out the recipe below for a deliciously different dip that is sure to please no matter where you serve it.

This week we'd like to introduce you to Leon and Lena and their adorable son, Kyson.

Leon and Lena are the owners of The Dutch Treat, a lovely country store several miles down the road that is the perfect place to check out all of our relishes and pickles as well as fresh-baked bread and cookies or a delicious deli sandwich for lunch. Leon can be found there pretty much any day of the week and Lena and Kyson are there quite a bit as well. Lena keeps everything running smoothly by doing whatever needs to be done, while 18-month-old Kyson distracts employees and customers alike with his charming smile. When they're not at the store they enjoy doing photography or spending time outdoors hunting, trapping, or fishing.

~Anna Graber

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