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Meet the Manager

There's a lot happening at The Relish Barn this morning. A truckload of jars arrived first thing. Matt is making sure we get as many beets pickled as possible because orders are waiting. Paul has been getting orders together and stacking pallets of product to ship out. Meg and I are busy stamping, boxing, and labeling and preparing smaller orders to send out. And the person behind most of what's happening around here is Laban.

Laban, or Bert as he's often called, is the Manager and co-owner of The Relish Barn. He and his wife, Mary (also known as Meg) live on a small farm several miles down the road. Bert spends a lot of time here, and Meg usually works several days a week. When they're not working they enjoy spending time on their farm, taking care of the cows or spending time with their dog, Gunner. They are also on the board for our local Children's Ministry. Meg has her own blog and also writes for the The Relish Barn blog. She also has a small business Mountain Laurel Naturals making homemade soaps, bath bombs, etc.

If you have any questions, comments, or If you'd like to place an order, give Bert a call. He's always happy to hear from our customers and you are our priority.

Have a great day, today, and remember that God is bigger than any problems we might have. We are blessed by all He has done for us and we would love to spread a bit of His goodness to those around us.

Bert & Meg on their wedding day in February of this year

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