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Giveaway #3! (Day 10 Of Blogmas)

It's Monday! That means another giveaway, ya know! The last one for this year so make sure you grab the chance too get some yummy, TRB goodies for absolutely free!

Today we are giving away... items to make a

. Of course, though, if you'd rather you can just eat them all up yourself instead of making a party pleaser to share. ;) This includes 1 pint pickled jalapeno eggs, 1 pint beets, 1 pint baby corn, 1 pint asparagus, 1 pint okra, 1 pint bread and butter pickles, 1 block smoked cheddar cheese, 1 block mild garlic cheddar cheese, 2 rounds summer sausage and 1 pack crackers. Perfect for snacking!

To enter, simply like this post from our (The Relish Barn's) facebook page and you'll be automatically entered in the giveaway and once more, you get double entries for sharing the post!

Good luck!:)

~Peace on earth, Mary Graber

P.S. Scroll down to the bottom of this post and enter your email address to get notified every time we post a blog post so that you never miss one!

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