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Holiday Charcuterie Board (7th Day Of Blogmas!)

Updated: Dec 20, 2019

Hey there ya'll! It's day 7 of Blogmas! Remember the Christmas caroling I told you about? Well, that's tonight! I'm excited! It's a beautiful evening and what better way to spend it than spreading cheer to our friends?

And I created a beautiful charcuterie board to take along for afterward when we gather at church for fellowship and food and am sharing some step by step instructions here on the blog tonight.

You'll need:

1.pickled veggies. Of course I had plenty to choose from but I chose zesty bread and butter pickles, okra, asparagus, baby corn, pickled eggs, and beets.

2. Cheese. Try using several different colors for a pretty effect.

3. Crackers. Here again, try using some brown and some white. Some square, some rectangular, maybe some round.

4. Fresh parsley or rosemary

Those are all the items I used but I found myself wishing for some salami and trail bologna as I was putting it together. That would be a lovely addition!

First: find a tray the size of which you would like to fill up. I used a butcher block my husband and I made ourselves to rest our wedding cake on when we got married in February. Second: cut cheese into bite sized pieces and some into little cubes. Third: arrange a few pretty glass bowls on your tray. Use white or clear glass for the prettiest effect. Try using several different sizes. Empty beets, baby corn, pickles, pickled eggs and such into the bowls. Fourth: arrange pickled asparagus and okra on small pieces of plastic wrap on the board next to the bowls. Arrange cheese slices, crackers, and trail bologna slices around the bowls.

Fifth: fill up empty spaces with small piles of cubed cheese, more crackers, and cheese slices. Garnish with fresh parsley.

Voila! A pretty board that everyone will love!

P.S. you can find all these pickled items on our website!

Ya'll have a good evening! I'm off to carol!

Peace on earth, Mary Graber

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