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Just A Merry Christmas Wish

It's Day 11 of Blogmas here at TRB, but you know what? I was traveling all day (we are spending our holiday at the beach in Tybee Island Georgia! Yay! At least my husband and I are, with my side of the family. The rest of the Graber family is at home hosting a ton of uncles, aunts, and cousins and while we miss them we just couldn't miss a wonderful opportunity to beach it for Christmas! ) And yes, I virtually forgot to post today's blog, until now, 10:30 at night!

So, because it's late, and because so many of us are spending time with family we are going to keep it short and sweet today! We just want to wish you a VERY MERRY CHRISTMAS! May the blessing of God become man fill your heart and overflow you with joy as you celebrate!

You have one more hour to enter our giveaway! And we will be posting those results tomorrow, on Christmas day! Someone gets an extra Christmas present! But let us not forget the greatest gift of all- Jesus, Himself!

-Peace on earth!, Mary Graber

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