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The Greatest Gift

It's an exciting time of the year for many of us! Time with family and friends, time off from work or school for many people, way too much good food and being showered with presents are things most of us enjoy, right? Then there are others- it's the first Christmas without their mom, or dad, or partner, or maybe their child. maybe it's the 50th, but the pain still nags at you, burns at your heart. Maybe it's hard for your family to enjoy a holiday together because... dysfunction, or abuse, or chronic or mental illness... Maybe the year has brought unthinkable and heartbreaking changes in your family or circle of close friends. The holidays are all about family and friends, and fun and they can bring up so many negative and hard-to-deal-with emotions.

Except they're not. The holidays- specifically Christmas, are not all about family and friends and food and fun. It's so much more than all that. It's about a Savior, Who humbled Himself to come to earth and walk that excruciatingly painful road to Jerusalem and the cross. As a gift for all of mankind. It's about a loving Father Who just couldn't bear to keep watching mankind stumble and fall short time and again with no hope of salvation, Who sent His own Son, watched Him die, and rose Him up again so that we- all of us could have eternal life!

It's not just for the holly jolly celebrators, although He certainly came for all of them. It's for the broken and searching, the sad and lost, the desperate and despised. He came for them. If you're any of those this Christmas, may I say that Christmas is for you- especially for you- this year? Jesus, Himself once said, "They that are whole need not a physician but they that are sick," and I can promise you, that's Who He came for! Whatever it is you're facing, know that He sees you and know that He cares.

So whether you feel like you have nothing to rejoice about this holiday season, or are one of the holly jolly celebrators,

Know that you've been given the greatest gift. All you must do is accept it.

Peace on earth, Mary Graber

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