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Of Long, Hot Days

It is July. And it's beyond my understanding how half this year has already gone down in the books!

It is July. The sun rises early and goes down late, and so do people. Here at the Relish Barn, we've been putting in some long hours. Summer is a super busy time here, not to mention all the projects and other chores, such as mowing, weeding, etc. that Summer brings.

It is July. The days are hot, the nights cool, the gardens thriving. By the way, one of my favorite things about July is sitting outside at dusk and feeling the temperature drop considerably! It's a big benefit of living in the mountains!

It is July. The sunsets are stunning.

It is July. Before midday, TRB employees are all hot and sweaty from sharing a room with the cookers, and if we're lucky Katurah will appear at some point with homemade ice cream. She has certainly developed some skill in that area, and we love when she shares her talent with us!;)

Katurah is the second youngest in the Graber family, and has the prettiest blonde hair that curls around her face when it's humid. (as in all summer long) She is creative, sweet, and her nephews and nieces adore her. For good reason. She also loves keeping up with the Royal family news, reading, and music. Especially choral music. And in case you didn't catch it in the last paragraph, she is REALLY good at making homemade ice cream. Katurah will be entering 8th grade at our church school come Autumn. This Summer she's staying busy giving mom an extra hand in the house and helping her with babysitting Jeremiah, a local sweet little 3 year old who requires considerable maintenance.;)

There's a verse in 1 John 1 that I've been thinking about the last few days:

"This then is the message we have heard of Him and declare unto you, that God is light, and in him is no darkness at all."

I'd like to leave that with you, our readers. How awesome is it to know, that if we have Jesus in our hearts, darkness cannot live there and that leaves us able to truly live free! He loves us so much!

Until next week! ~Mary Graber

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