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Of Changes At TRB!

It's hot here, ya'll- and dry, the past 2 weeks. It feels more like summer again, and less like Autumn than it did the last time I wrote a blog post, all about pumpkins and chilly mornings and the restless excitement of Autumn that we all love. I sigh, and wait rather impatiently for the real Fall feel to come again, and in the meantime, stay indoors, thinking how much I would love to feel any weather close to this warm come January.:)

Autumn, with it's restless feel and back-to-school vibes, has a way of evoking change. This year that means moving the TRB shipping warehouse and office to a new, larger facility just down the road. We had purchased a building, formerly used as an auto shop a few years ago in preparation for the time the business would need it. The time is here, and has been for awhile, and we are really excited about getting that finished in hopefully the next few weeks. Thank you, to you, our customers who have made this growth possible! Keep your eyes open for next post in two weeks, where I will, if possible, share pictures of our new facilities and the renovations going on there!

That's all for this week, folks- and remember Philippians 4:13, when times get tough. "I can do all things through Him Who strengthens me!"

~for Jesus, Mary Graber

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