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Mornings in The Mountains- And A Promo Code For You!

It is another gorgeous Tuesday morning here in the mountains! Life feels nearly perfect in the still of the morning. Especially when one is enjoying a cup of coffee, the cool, fresh mountain breezes teasing your hair, and the cheerful sun rising steadily into the clear sky. I've never been a morning person, but since I got married have been becoming more and more of one, since Bert likes mornings so much. He's taught me to enjoy the freshness of mornings and the potential each one brings (Believe, me, my dad tried, I thought I was hopeless case), and I realized lately that I am rather rapidly changing some of those preferences, including enjoying getting up earlier, despite my declarations in earlier years of that never happening!

There's more than just the beautiful mornings that are an advantage one receives from living in the mountains though! Summer days are hot here, but every evening the air cools to a refreshing temperature when the sun sinks behind the hills, providing us stunning sunsets to watch in cool, fresh air. Last weekend the entire Graber family, as well as most of our church family spent the weekend in Belleville, Pennsylvania to attend the wedding of one of our close friends, William Yoder to Rebecca Byler, and while we all had fun and enjoyed our trip very much I was very happy to get home Sunday evening! The cool, fresh air is always the first thing I notice and appreciate more than ever when we get back to this area after being out of town!

The happy couple with my husband and me!

Lately these hot days have frequently found some of us under the shade tree in dad's front lawn, husking fresh sweet corn. I say "some of us" because I, myself, never helped once. Somehow, I was lucky enough to get a mother-in-law who very kindly, on one of my super busy days, husked, cooked and creamed a big bowl full of corn for my freezer, and I was left with only needing to package it!

There is, in my opinion, very little that is better than fresh corn on the cob, paired with fresh tomato sandwiches and peach cobbler. And that's why, in celebration of corn season here in Southwest Virginia, we want to offer you a promo code to get 10% off of all our corn products until midnight next Tuesday, August 6. That means our Pickled Corn, Corn Relish, Pickled Beans and Corn, Pickled Baby Corn, and Black Bean and Corn Salsa, (a personal favorite!! ;)) are all products you can snag with this deal! So act fast, and get it while you can, using promo code CORN.

That's it for today, ya'll! Have a great week and trust Jesus with any problem that comes your way! He loves you so much!

~Mary Graber

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