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Holiday Tilapia Dip Recipe!

Updated: Jul 5, 2019

Hey ya'll! Just popping in to wish all of you a happy holiday and to share a recipe that is sure to make the holiday weekend even better!

Friends, I'm by no means a "sea-food lover", probably partially due to my shellfish allergy, but I decided to make this dip this morning for a family cookout tonight and it went far beyond my expectations! I love it!

This recipe is meant to be used as a dip, and it feeds a pretty decent crowd. You could make a half batch if you have a smaller crowd. It would be very good for other occasions as well, but perfectly fits into party and holiday menus... and cookouts. It's perfect for cookouts!

You can get the Sweet Pepper Relish right here on The Relish Barn's website!

Hop over to my personal blog for a read on Freedom here.

Ya'll have a happy, safe weekend, folks! And remember to keep Jesus first!

♥️Mary Graber

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