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Easy Party Food- and Larry's Family!

Ever get in a pinch when the hours in your day just aren't long enough and you find yourself an hour from needing to leave for that birthday party, racking your brain about what to do for that appetizer you had committed to furnishing?


Me too.

We've all got those days... and with summer well on its way those days will be less few and far between.

Guess what? The Relish Barn is a great source for just this sort of thing, so make sure you keep some of our products on hand this summer to save you from these kinds of emergencies. We've got you covered here with a lots of yummy AND easy ideas! Who doesn't love that combination?!

Our pickled eggs were launched a little over a year ago and they are quickly on the rise to popularity. For good reason. They're my personal favorite go-to protein boost when I start feeling that mid-day energy slump, but they are not only a good protein source. They're also a great choice for a party appetizer and with four flavors- Regular, Beet, Jalapeno, and Mustard, you'll be sure to please everybody. Serve them straight from the jar or create a cute arrangement on a party tray and stick a toothpick in each for easy, mess-free enjoyment.

Allison enjoys pickled eggs!

Introductions continue...

Larry is the oldest of the Graber kids, and at 30 is already a busy dad, minister, and a business owner at Boone Trail Meats, where he does quality custom slaughtering. He's also one of those go-to barbecue guys and summer Saturdays often find locals flocking to wherever he happens to be grilling his mouth watering pork ribs, beef brisket, and chicken. Yesterday. being mother's day, the men at church gave the moms a break and cooked a mouth-watering meal for them. Larry tried his hand at roasting a whole hog and made some mean pulled pork from it! While he is no longer involved in The Relish Barn much, its where he learned the tricks of the food trade, and he puts the skills he learned here to work, providing for his sweet little family. He married his beautiful wife, Lois Raber, from Pennsylvania, in 2011. As for her, she stays busy with minister's wife and mom life, and quite gracefully so, which is quite a feat for a mom with four pre-scholars as full of life and energy as hers!

Shayna is the oldest and she's 5. The joy she finds in the simple things and her sweet personality spread happiness to her family, as well as the songs she's often singing. Who knows where life will take her, what with her adventurous spirit! Chandler, at 3, is as articulate, organized, and careful as his sister is spontaneous and impulsive. That grin of his is one of the most precious things I've seen to date, and while he's a cheerful kid, he's much more quiet than his big sister. In August of 2017 the Graber clan was delighted to welcome twins into the circle! Asher and Allison sure brought their share of sweetness and sunshine with them and it's a rare day that finds them getting into less than a few mischievous adventures together!

Who can resist those bright blue eyes of theirs?

We're happy to tell you that we will be posting one of our own recipes next week, as we will be doing once a month, as well as continuing your introduction to the family. And we are also excited to be able to say that we are in the middle of creating some really yummy new products right now that will hopefully be launching before long so stay tuned for that!


~Mary Graber

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