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Day 5 of Blogmas~ Nostalgia and Carols

It's a cold evening here in the mountains of Virginia! The kind of evening where you half expect a group of carolers to show up on your porch to sing you a few carols and you wonder vaguely if you should make a big pot of hot cocoa so you could send them on their way scattering cheer with steaming mugs of hot cocoa and a swirl of candy cane.

I've actually never had carolers coming to my house but I love participating every year in our church's annual tradition. We bundle up all the littles (because littles should definitely have the Christmas caroling experience), hand everyone a songbook of carols and off we go, in several different groups. I love watching faces light up in delight as we sing the old loved Christmas songs, about Jesus Who came to earth for ll of us. our neighbors, friends, and perhaps home-bound elderly people we've learned about throughout the year. And then we go back merrily to a warm church where we drink hot cocoa and eat good party food we don't normally get and fellowship with our church friends. It's a lovely time.

Well, tonight I'm not out caroling, though I do expect to be Friday evening. (I'll post pictures of both the caroling and the good food on Saturday!) Instead I'm enjoying a nice warm house, and thankful for all the blessings heaped on my head this holiday season. Mostly, I'm thankful for a husband who enjoys cooking when he has a chance.

Look at that!

He just set a loaded plate of the best looking garlic parmesan wings on the table. I'll be off!

Don't forget to check back tomorrow to see who the winner of Monday's giveaway and to see and enter the next giveaway! Ya'll are gonna love it!

~peace on earth, Mary Graber

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