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A Missed Blog Post, Loren, and Changes

So we totally missed last week's post. Oh, dear., I am sincerely sorry. Personally, my week was overrun with taking care of new foster children and I was quite un-involved in business. Hopefully, however, as we settle into our new routine, I won't have to give that up completely, because I do love being involved in the family business and working alongside my husband.

We're on the last introduction to the family this week, finally!;) Loren is the youngest and absolutely brimming with life and adventure. He spends these summer days outside, caring for his many little kittens, playing Indian and "paying off" his new bike by boxing a few batches of relish, hauling trash to the dumpster, etc a few days a week. In Autumn, he takes every chance he gets for his big brother's to take him hunting, and studies hard at school.

In family news this week is the changes to our family I mentioned in the first paragraph. My husband and I have experienced a doubling to our household number as two sweet, but needy children have come to live with us, most likely temporarily but the length of time we don't know. Having an energetic 9 year old boy and a sweet 5 year old girl in the house is different and brings its own set of challenges but we love them and have been enjoying it. Their 9 month old bother is with Sharon and her husband, Daniel, as well for the time being. So pray for us as we work with them and adjust to life with kids. Both Daniel and Sharon and my husband and I have been married for just over and under half a year, so there are some definite adjustments to make. For their mother. For their future. Fostering is difficult- very much so, and can also be very rewarding.

That's it til next time, folks! Have a great week and look to Jesus for any problems you may face!

For love of Jesus, Mary Graber

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